In 2005, Kat Wisniewski established Elemental Art Jewelry with the goal of bringing distinctive wirework and chainmaille jewelry to fashion savvy clients, who appreciate the art of hand-made jewelry.

Based in Chicago, IL, Kat finds much of her inspiration from her love of the geometric design of everyday objects. Her work is also affected with thoughts of the machinery in industrial and factory buildings, combined with her desire to create luscious textures with brilliant colors.

Elemental Art Jewelry is primarily comprised of woven circular pieces of glass and metal, which Kat simply refers to as “glass chainmaille”. As of 2016, she has published 17 projects, invented 20 weaving patterns, and has been teaching chainmaille and wirework for 12 years.  Her new book, New Connections, released in May 2016, contains 25 projects that feature glass and rubber ring chain mail jewelry.

Kat’s focus for Elemental Art Jewelry is to provide beautiful symmetry from highly innovative, geometric glass chainmaille designs, steering every impulse for women and men to accessorize casual and elegant fashion.

Her love and dedication to chainmaille, specifically to glass chainmaille designs, have allowed her to grow into being one of the nationally known experts in this very niche field. She displays her work throughout the Chicagoland area artisan shows and retail locations. Kat has previously participated as a member of The Artisan Group, a national and widely known celebrity gifting organization for handmade goods.