Teaching statement:

"Yes, my students leave class, helplessly & utterly, addicted to chainmaille! I am continually rewarded by knowing I've facilitated a learning experience that is fun, constructive & exceptional.


Being supportive, while maintaining a challenging atmosphere, best describes my teaching method, as I tailor each lesson to every student's strengths & needs. When I see how quickly my students can work independently and how enthusiastic they are about the product they create, then I know I've done my job well.


It is gratifying to continue to hear from my students that I am patient, a great demonstrator and an excellent teacher.  I've been teaching wirework and chainmaille for about 9 years throughout the Chicagoland area, have published 11 chainmaille projects over the past 5 years, and have run my own jewelry design company since 2005.  This experience and love of chainmaille has allowed me to grow to become a nationally known expert in this field."

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Current Teaching locations:

Lill Street Art Center

Art Clay World aka Greater Chicago Artisan Center

AVP Jewelry & Beads