Consignment Orders

Please visit my shop to view my current items for sale. You may also request a line sheet and wholesale price list to view all possible items in their available colors/ metal, etc.

  • -Artist/consigner contract must be signed prior to delivery. I will consign for a maximum of 6 months between signing a current contracts.
  • -Artist will request payment of items sold every 30-90 days (even if contract of all consigned items is longer than 90 days). These payments should be made within 5 days of the request.
  • -Items may be traded out/exchanged if they have not sold within 30 days or more. They may not be traded out sooner than 30 days.
  • -If items are found by the artist to be defective while in the store's possession or at the end of the contract, the store owner is responsible for payment of the defective parts.
  • -More details are contained in the artist/consigner contract.