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Mother's Day Edition - See how my mom and I are both creative. Plus, win a chainmaille giveaway!

I'm happy to be a part of a blog-hop series created by Blue Buddha Boutique, where they invited me to do a special Mother's Day blog-post and also host a chainmaille giveaway!  Details on how to win are at the end of this post.

Me & Mom in 1979

Inspiration--What & who does it come from when creating art?

In order to create something, there must be some thought, idea, inkling in the mind of what you desire to make. There are those times when we have creative-block & no worthy ideas come to mind.  I feel that this is a symptom of lack of inspiration.
I thought about what inspires me to create and keep creating, ensuring that I keep the creative juices flowing freely.  I looked around my bedroom--where I do all of my creating--and this is what I see: