Metallic Sheen Ridged Crosscut Bracelet

Glamorous metallic glass rings are the highlight in this variation of the original Crosscut bracelet, from Kat’s 2016 book, New Connections in Chain Mail. Students will choose from either the Golden Glamour or Silvery Shimmer version to create their stunning masterpiece.

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Metallic Iris Bold and Brilliant Byzantine Bracelet @ The Bead&Button Show

Add metallic iris glass rings and anodized aluminum to chain mail in this fresh take on the popular Byzantine weave. This is the perfect class for those new to chain mail since students will play with unique colors, enameled copper jump rings, square wire jump rings, and more in creating this fun and funky piece!

Please register here: http://www.beadandbuttonshow.com/store/class/b170936

Bead&Button Show class- Glass Chainmaille Earrings Workshop

Learn chainmaille basics and how to incorporate glass rings and glass beads into chainmaille designs in this earrings workshop. Students will create three very different pairs of earrings using shiny and colorful glass rings and beads.

Bead&Button Show class- Racing Stripe Bracelet

Vroom, Vroom, this Racing Stripe bracelet definitely resembles the center stripes on a classic race car. Learn

the European 4-in-1 weave while playing with shiny glass rings and beads. 

Bead&Button Show class- Celtic Diamond Pendant

This stunning diamond-shaped weave combines Celtic style weaving techniques with colorful glass rings and

beads. Students will love it's lightweight and durable feel.


Bead&Button Show class- Interstellar Pendant and Earrings

In a galaxy, far, far away there was a glorious pattern called Interstellar where intermediate and advanced

students are thoroughly challenged to create hourglass weave stars out of stainless steel and bronze. These near

Bead&Button Show class- Glistening Bloom Trio- Ring, Necklace, & Earrings

Exquisite glass florets, bursting with color to adorn your necklace, finger and ears. Using the Japanese family style of weaving, learn how to incorporate glass rings and beads in to your chainmaille designs by creating medium-sized compact flowers.