Mother's Day Edition - See how my mom and I are both creative. Plus, win a chainmaille giveaway!

I'm happy to be a part of a blog-hop series created by Blue Buddha Boutique, where they invited me to do a special Mother's Day blog-post and also host a chainmaille giveaway!  Details on how to win are at the end of this post.

Me & Mom in 1979

I decided to write about how all my creative pursuits were generously supported by my mom.  My mom, is also very creative and does a variety of DIY and crafty projects regularly.

From a very young age, I can remember dabbling in a variety of crafty projects starting in the early 1980's, such as these crafty pursuits below.

    Remember velvet art?            How about latch hook kits?



Yep, I have the kind of mom, who tirelessly bought me all the crafty things I wanted, whenever I wanted them.  Let my brother have all the glory of playing sports, I preferred making beaded animals, beading on a loom, kirigami, origami, needlepoint, embroidery floss bracelets, plastic lanyard keychains, pom-pom characters, decoupage, glitter paper art and more! 


I started playing the flute at 9 years old and continued through 9th grade! My parent's heavily supported my musicianship, especially when it wasn't cheap for those many years of private lessons.


My mom, is super crafty, almost to her detriment-- getting involved in projects that never get finished-- but I guess we all do that sometimes!  Actually, sometimes her crafty pursuits were kinda embarrasng, especially when I was a teenager.  In the 90's, she loved making wreaths like these: 


We stopped eating dinner at the kitchen table in the 1990's, as the table was consumed with hot glue guns, floral foam, fake flowers, pine cones and miscellaneous do-dads for wreath making.

My mom also loved and still loves to do gardening projects, faux finish painting projects, watercolor painting, making quilts, scrapbooking and more.  In fact, here are two cute scrapbooking efforts given to me as gifts from over the years:


Although our creative ventures have evolved over the years, we both continue on with a variety of different projects.  


Now, that I'm a successful jewelry and accessories designer, I am thankful that my Mom has always supported all of my artistic abilities and I continue to support hers.  


Thanks Mom!  Happy Mother's Day!

Wait, I'm not done yet!  We still have to discuss your chance to win the chainmaille giveaway mentioned earlier!  

Sponsored by: Blue Buddha Boutique-- Enter to win a customizable Celtic Visions Bracelet kit & PDF instructions by leaving a comment on this blog post.  


A winner will be chosen at random from all of the persons who leave a comment.  

Open to US residents only.

You can also enter to win the Grand Prize of a Mother's Day starter pack, complete with a bracelet & earring kit, instructions, pliers and more!  

Comment on the Blue Buddha Boutique Mother's Day blog post for your chance to win!

Open to US residents only.


Chainmaille rocks! id love to

Chainmaille rocks! id love to win a kit. :) My mom to was super crafty as a kid also and made me and my dolls matching outfits! lol

Blog Hop Giveaway

What a great mom you have! Mine also encouraged us to explore our creativity--not an easy task as I have 10 brothers and sisters!
I would love to win this kit. I haven't done any chain maille in AGES and would like to get back to it!


Love the Blog Kat!!! Cute pics, I always loved doing all the things I've done over the years, but none can compare to level you have gone! I am so happy I played a small part in who you have become in your jewelry design! Thanks so much for the Mother's Day wish!!! Love ya!! MOM

GIveaway post

Love chain maille...thanks for the chance to win!

Mother's Day

What a sweet look into your formative years, Kat! I love all of the photographs.

My Mom started me on my

My Mom started me on my lifelong love of crafts of all sorts. For the past 15 years or so, my focus has been making beaded & chain maille jewelry. She was patient with me when I made goofs, always praised the results (often less than perfect!) & said that errors gave the finished project "character". I've turned that philosophy into my mantra: that's the result I wanted.

I love BBB's products, kits, patterns & instructions (plus, their staff is the best!!), so winning this would be wonderful.

love your blog

This a great idea to have a blog hop and the giveaways make it even better. Of course we all want to win. My mom and I love to do beady things together. I have just begun doing chain maille. Have not gotten her into it yet. Winning might get her interested. Thanks for participating.

Wow, velvet art. I used to

Wow, velvet art. I used to love getting those all the time but was always frustrated when the pens dried up before I was finished.

That was my grandmother. I

That was my grandmother. I spent many of my childhood summers with my grandparents, and she was always encouraging us to be crafty and creative to keep us occupied!

The winner is announced!

Thank you all for your fantastic comments! I read them all and am glad you enjoyed the post and was happy to read your stories!

The winner of the Celtic Visions Bracelet kit is Holly! You were chosen at random from all the comments!

All of you still have a chance to win the Grand Prize today by leaving a comment on Blue Buddha Boutique's Mother's Day post here:

Thank you all for participating!

Chainmaille giveaway

A great post. All the women in my life were/are creative. Would love to win this since I'm trying to get into Chainmaille and would love to make something for my mom.

First of all I would like to

First of all I would like to congratulate you for conducting such an event especially on Mother’s day. I am sure that a lot of people will take part in this to show how creative they are as well as their mothers.

That was so sweet

That was so sweet

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