Inspiration--What & who does it come from when creating art?

In order to create something, there must be some thought, idea, inkling in the mind of what you desire to make. There are those times when we have creative-block & no worthy ideas come to mind.  I feel that this is a symptom of lack of inspiration.
I thought about what inspires me to create and keep creating, ensuring that I keep the creative juices flowing freely.  I looked around my bedroom--where I do all of my creating--and this is what I see:

I have about 15 Salvador Dali prints around my home, most of them are in my bedroom.  Dali's art is inspirational for me because I am in love with how he has manipulated the human form to showcase the inner desires and thought processes that we tend to have, but not always share.  The use of color & shape can inspire a wealth of passionate creative juices to flow.
Other jewelry artists are immensely inspiring.  I wonder how they developed that idea & what inspired them to make it.  I know only how elated, intrigued, and amazed I feel when I see something that I enjoy, and I wonder how the artist feels when it is completed.
Lastly, what I find inspiring is fashion.  These fashion designers are truly revolutionary in being able to constantly create & recreate how fabric can be formed to the human body.  Certain items can make you feel confident, glorious, and powerful & I appreciate how fabric + a thought process can provide this.
What inspires you & how do you channel it into your artistic endeavors?


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