October 2010

"Ask an Artist" blog article about me and new news!

Recently, I went from a full-time staff manager of   Blue Buddha Boutique  to a part-time worker by choice.  I needed to concentrate on running my own business, Elemental Art Jewelry, my absolute dream job!  As I recently have been running my own business with more of a fire under me, I was asked to contribute an interview for the Blue Buddha blog about running a chainmaille jewelry business.  Sweet!

Inspiration--What & who does it come from when creating art?

In order to create something, there must be some thought, idea, inkling in the mind of what you desire to make. There are those times when we have creative-block & no worthy ideas come to mind.  I feel that this is a symptom of lack of inspiration.
I thought about what inspires me to create and keep creating, ensuring that I keep the creative juices flowing freely.  I looked around my bedroom--where I do all of my creating--and this is what I see:

Saying YES to the opportunities in front of you!--Saturday/Sunday October 2nd & 3rd

Fall is here for sure!!  It's cold outside in Chicago.  On a whim, I said YES, when my friend Martha called to ask me if I'd like to participate in the Ravenswood Art Walk, in one of the outdoor locations where a volunteer organizer was looking for more vendors.  While I did debate a bit about how to make it happen & if I even wanted it to happen in just 2 weeks from that phone call, I decided to just go ahead and do it--even though I had to cancel a scheduled chainmaille class at Lill Street.